HuffPost blog: Japan is a climate laggard, for one main reason – coal

  The G7 Summit: A Paris Agreement Litmus Test   By Mutsuyoshi Nishimura, Former Ambassador of Japan to the UN Climate Negotiations Originally published in the Huffpost Politics Blog   The G7 Summit in Shima, Japan, is the first occasion for the G7 Heads of States to gather since the Paris Agreement was agreed upon

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Huffington Post Blog: Cool Japan or Coal Japan?

With the eyes of the world on Japan for this week’s G7 meeting in Ise-Shima, the government will be hoping to show off the best of our country. The town of Ise-Shima itself is home to the one of the most revered Shinto shrines in Japan and a proud part of our history. But the

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cool japan or coal japan

Animation: projected increases in daily pollution levels from proposed coal-fired power plants around Tokyo, Japan

Here’s a video animation of the projected increase in daily average PM2.5 levels due to emissions of proposed coal-fired power plants around Tokyo. These emissions would cause a projected 10,000 deaths over the lifetime of the power plants.  

Bloomberg: Japan Efforts to Phase Out Coal Weakest Among G7

Bloomberg News continues to highlight Japan’s worrying plans for new coal plants. Following a report by the think tank E3G, Bloomberg reporter Chisaki Watanabe writes: “Japan remains last among Group of Seven countries in efforts to phase out coal-power generation even though “positive developments” are being made elsewhere, according to a “coal scorecard” released by an

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Bloomberg: Japan Faces More Pressure on Coal Funding Ahead of G7 Meet

Bloomberg News today is reporting on the Cool Japan or Coal Japan? campaign. Reporter Chisaki Watanabe, writes: “Japan’s energy policy is under close scrutiny, especially for its reliance and support for coal. The country has plans for 49 new coal-fired power projects at home, according to the environmentalists. The groups also criticize Japan’s support for the

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