Bloomberg: Japan Efforts to Phase Out Coal Weakest Among G7


Bloomberg News continues to highlight Japan’s worrying plans for new coal plants. Following a report by the think tank E3G, Bloomberg reporter writes:

“Japan remains last among Group of Seven countries in efforts to phase out coal-power generation even though “positive developments” are being made elsewhere, according to a “coal scorecard” released by an environmental group.”


“More than 25 gigawatts of new coal capacity are either planned or being developed in Japan, while opposition from the Ministry of the Environment has been “overruled in favor of a voluntary agreement with utilities to reduce emissions intensity,” Littlecott said. “This approach is clearly insufficient given the scale of the challenge.”“

The report also called Japan’s support for overseas coal projects into question.”

Read the entire Bloomberg article here: Japan Efforts to Phase Out Coal Weakest Among G7, Group Says


Bloomberg: Japan Faces More Pressure on Coal Funding Ahead of G7 Meet

Bloomberg News today is reporting on the Cool Japan or Coal Japan? campaign. Reporter Chisaki Watanabe, writes:

“Japan’s energy policy is under close scrutiny, especially for its reliance and support for coal. The country has plans for 49 new coal-fired power projects at home, according to the environmentalists. The groups also criticize Japan’s support for the Batang coal-power plant in Central Java, Indonesia, and the Darlipali project in Odisha, India, saying both projects are “rife with human rights abuses.”

You can read the entire article on Bloomberg here: Japan Faces More Pressure on Coal Funding Ahead of G7 Meet

Do Something Cool on Social Media! Tweet at Japan’s Prime Minister and Others!

cool japan or coal japan

Are you on Twitter and want to send a Cool Japan message to people like Japan’s Minister of Finance or Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe?

Here’s are some tweets you can use:

Cool Japan or Coal Japan Tweets in Japanese: (click on any of the Tweets or the Twitter icon to automatically Tweet them)


cool japan twitter世界が石炭投資から撤退する中、日本は石炭火力推進?!日本はパリ協定を守り、脱石炭を表明すべき!@taro_aso_ @MOF_Japan @meti_NIPPON #coaljapan

cool japan twitter現在日本は新たに47基の石炭火力発電所を計画中!?パリ協定に逆行する日本の石炭投資にNO!@MOF_Japan @g7iseshima @meti_NIPPON #coaljapan #divestjapan

cool japan twitter日本の企業や国際協力銀行が融資する途上国の石炭火力発電所では健康被害や人権侵害、環境破壊が起きている! No More!石炭投資 #coaljapan #stopbatangcoal

cool japan twitter今更?!日本で進む47基の石炭火力計画。G7の中でも最も多い。原発全部止まっても電気が足りていた。今こそ再エネに舵を切ろう!No More!石炭投資 #coaljapan #divestjapan

cool japan twitter高効率といえども最も温室効果ガスを排出する石炭火力発電。日本は再エネ中心にシフトし持続可能な社会に舵を切ろう!No More!石炭投資 #coaljapan #divestjapan

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cool japan twitter日本もかかわっているインドネシアバタン石炭火力発電計画では人権侵害や土地収奪の問題も。ストップバタン!No More!石炭投資 #coaljapan #stopbatangcoal


Cool Japan or Coal Japan Tweets in English: (click on any of the Tweets or the Twitter icon to automatically Tweet them)

cool japan twitter Japan invests in coal while the #G7 pulls away #coaljapan #divestjapan @g7iseshima 

cool japan twitter @g7iseshima@taro_aso_Clean coal is NOT clean. Abandon old technologies and transition to renewables! #coaljapan

cool japan twitter Japan invests in coal while the #G7 pulls away. Fulfil Paris Accord & stop funding fossils now! #coaljapan

cool japan twitter @taro_aso_ Did you know Japan risks losing US$80bn if it continues financing coal? #G7 #divestjapan

cool japan twitter Japan to construct 47 new coal plants @MOF_Japan #Divest from coal and reinvest in renewables now! #coaljapan

cool japan twitter Japan is the world’s #1 financier of fossil fuels @METI_JPN  Divest fossil fuels and go renewable now #coaljapan

cool japan twitter Japan Bank of Int’l Coop. investing in coal projects with human rights abuse @taro_aso_ #coaljapan #stopbatangcoal

Image credit: Susan Murtaugh on Flickr

Make Cool Japan or Coal Japan? Your Computer Desktop Image

Here’s both a branded and unbranded version of the Cool or Coal Japan homepage image that you can download and use on your computer’s desktop. I loaded it on my laptop and it looked so good I thought it was worth sharing!

Click on the Cool Japan or Coal Japan images below to get a larger, higher resolution version, then just right click and hit “save image as.”

cool japan or coal japan

cool japan or coal japan



Japan’s overseas coal projects provoke mass protest in Indonesia


Thousands of people gathered outside the Japanese embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia on 11 May to demand an end to Japan’s dirty coal investments in the country.

Japan is not only building almost 50 coal-fired power plants on its own soil, it is the number one public financer of coal plants overseas. Between 2007 and 2014 Japan invested more than $20 billion into overseas coal projects, and it plans to spend billions more.

Like Japan, Indonesia is defying global coal decline trends and has set upon a dangerous path of building new coal plants, amounting to 45GW, some of which are funded by Japanese finance, including the highly controversial flagship project – the 2GW Batang power station in Central Java. If built, these plants would lead to an estimated 28,300 deaths of Indonesians yearly, according to a report by Harvard University and Greenpeace. The world’s second-largest coal-exporting country, Indonesia is suffering from the global downturn in demand for coal imports.

The protest on 11 May in Jakarta was part of the Break Free From Fossil Fuels two-week long global action to keep fossil fuels in the ground. From Wales and Germany to Turkey and Australia, people gathered on 4–15 May across the world to confront the fossil fuel industry.

Photo credit: Greenpeace Indonesia.